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Even though you placed an order at the poster store, if the order confirmation  email does not arrive, it is possible that the customer's email address was not entered correctly.しししししししししししししししししししい。

How to confirm the order completed?

Your order confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address when your order is completed. It can happen.

If you don't have a problem with your email, we recommend that you contact us with a 24-hour inquiry form. 

誤った 使用 を正语 した 英しはどうなりますか?

If the customer's address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. information is entered incorrectly, please contact customer service as soon as possible  .

Is it possible to change after ordering?

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How do I cancel an order?

Please  contact us as soon as possible from the inquiry form.


When the goods are damaged when you arrive?

If, upon arrival, the package or product is damaged, please contact us in the inquiry form by  attaching photos of both the damaged package and the damaged product as soon as possible. Photos of the damaged package and product意视视频了、小少年ご要望でしてますますますたしてます.


First of all, please check your order confirmation .

acrylic glass

Our frame's acrylic glass (plexiglass) is protected by plastic film on both sides, so please remember to peel it off when using it. I'm using it.


About delivery

How long is the delivery date?

It is calculated from your order on the next day, and it takes 4~7 business days to arrive in Japan.

お約束の紞期内事商合が好かかかますははますますますますますますますますますますますますPlease contact us within customer service .

What kind of shipping method is there?

At our company, depending on the size of the customer's order, we use various shipping companies. When you put the product in your cart and proceed to checkout, you can check which service it will be shipped with. 。

How much is the shipping material?

If you order more than 10999円, the delivery fee will be free.

How to track luggage?

Your order will be shipped as soon as possible. If you don't have a link,   please contact us.

Do you need to pay customs duties?

Orders shipped to Japan may be subject to import taxes or customs duties. The poster store is not responsible for these additional charges.

Why is the tracking link not valid?

英语发发商品が倉庫からしますますますますますますますますしますのますますのショスクリングがなます。 。

If you didn't receive your luggage, how would it be?






There is a 14-day return policy for merchandise purchased at It means that you have the right to return the purchased product by contacting the poster store.

Can you frame the frame in the state of packing?

After the frame is shipped from the factory, it cannot be returned.

Please read the following "返品表性" information if you want to return the frame to the original package.

If there is a manufacturing defect, shipping damage, or other damage, please send a complaint from the inquiry form .

How do I make an order?

返品は 返品に返送 must be returned to Sweden おごますますます。

小包は must be packed in exactly the same way as when the customer received it from our company.巻き直とはますますますますますますますますますますますます。

Please follow the link below.

Registration of returns  

After confirming that the product is in perfect condition, we will send you a refund confirmation email. If the order no longer meets the conditions of the promotion/discount code, the fee will be adjusted accordingly, and the difference may be deducted from the return amount.

Is it possible to exchange goods?

If you want to exchange the product you received with another product, it will be processed in the same way as a normal return item.まます。 After that, you can purchase a new product at the web shop.

Does the return cost?

In the case of a return, the customer will have to bear the cost.

If you didn't receive your luggage, how would it be?

3700円 will be charged as our company's packaging materials and shipping materials for returned products.


Payment method

Is payment by card possible?

はい、ビザ(Visa),マーターカード(Mastercard),マエストロ(Maestro),ジェービーシー(JBC), ユョオンペイ(UnionPay), and American Express(American Express).

ApplePay is useful? 

Yes, ApplePay is provided as a payment method, and you can select it at checkout.

How to order as a company?

Currently, orders for businesses (B2B) are not currently available, but in the future they may be possible.





Basic information

The frame can be easily opened from the back, and the metal hanger is attached to the back, so it can be easily hung on the wall either horizontally or vertically.あり輝きします。 The wooden frame has a nice and friendly atmosphere. The acrylic glass is protected on both sides by plastic film, and it doesn't look like when you remove the plastic protector from a new cell phone Yes.Acrylic glass has the same reflection characteristics as glass.What size frame do you offer? Stylish premium photo frame, 13x18cm, 21x30cm (A4), 30x40cm, 50x50cm, 50x70cm


70x100cm The size is available.


What kind of paper do you use?

Our poster is printed locally by the most famous printing company in Sweden. This printing company is awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, FSC and PEFC It has been certified based on this. For a long time, the quality of the paper was certified by FSC and PEFC. It is non-reflective non-coated matte paper, the total weight is 200g/m2, and it has a unique sense of luxury. It also has excellent color and image reproducibility. The wood used is guaranteed to meet the highest environmental and social standards.

The frame included in the poster price?

Our company sells posters and frames separately, so frames are not included in the price of posters. You can have it.


Correspondence    _

Collaboration _


Brandbassadorを通じたコラボレッシューは はいますますますいです?

Brandbassador is a platform for building a brand that can be rewarded according to the content shared with Desenio's brand.

デゼニオ・デランドバサダーますます, you need to create a brandバサダー account here. :  Once approved as a brandバサダー, you will be able to participate in the デゼニオのmission.


We aim to respond to all applications within 3 business days.

Questions about Brandbassador app?

If you have any other questions about the app, Brandbassador, you can always find answers directly with the Brandbassador app.

Also, for more information about Brandbassador, see the FAQ section.

If you have any other questions regarding collaboration, please contact us at Brandbassador message center.

Artist/photographer  _

新行性感者者方へ _


At the moment, cooperation with small shops and wholesalers is not planned to be provided in the future.